Risma Meilani, Lili Fadli Muhammad, Eva Fauziana


The increasingly fierce business competition requires a marketing strategy that can support its business growth. To be successful, a company must outperform its competitors in satisfying customers. Therefore, the marketing strategy must be adapted to the needs of consumers and the strategic needs of competitors. Designing a competitive marketing strategy begins with an analysis of competitors. Likewise, marketing requires a strategy, especially in a competitive business world, so strategy is very important, which is then referred to as a marketing strategy. One line of business
that is currently booming in the community is the catering business. Catering is a general term for businesses that serve orders for various fast food and drinks for party needs or the needs of an
institution on a small or large scale. The catering business is usually a family business that is passed down from one family member to another to maintain the viability of the business. For a
long time, businesses in the food sector have always been at the top of the list in meeting the needs of human life, because food is a primary human need. Because of this, people cannot let go of their
need to eat to sustain life. In this study, researchers used qualitative descriptive approach, namely finding facts with the right interpretation, studying problems in society, as well as certain
situations including relationships, activities, attitudes, as well as ongoing processes and the influence of a phenomenon. Based on the research that has been done, it can be seen that the efforts made by Erina Catering in maintaining sales turnover include, among others, product, price, place, and promotion. There are several types of products offered by Erina Catering itself. Erina Catering should add various other menus so consumers don't get bored when ordering Erina Catering. Erina's catering needs to add wider promotional media with the products offered so that more consumers come.


marketing mix; buying decision; customer behavior

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